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Emily Lacy


Emily first started practicing yoga in 2010. Despite the intensity and severity of her first experience on the mat, a burning desire to return persisted, that is still with her every day.

She was introduced to the Jivamukti method some time later. Fascinated by the depths of the teachings, an awakening to the intricate connection between the breath and movement became apparent. She is still mesmerized and intrigued by the impact of the teachings: How the sense of freedom perceived on the mat is expanding into our every day lives off the mat.

Emily dedicates her life to teaching and practicing yoga. Her daily sadhana practice is serving her as a reminder of our inherent blissful state and that which we desire is not separate from what all other beings desire.

Her aim is to relate, engage and inspire. To create an opening for students to connect with themselves and the class community and for this level of connection to be then taken with them into their daily lives, to all other beings and the world in which we live.

Emily is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher (800 hours) based at Sangye Yoga School (Jivamukti affiliate) in London.

Gratitude always to those who continue to uplift and inspire her each and every day.



May 24, 2016