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Katja Sweeney


Becoming a yoga teacher has been a total contrast to my life before.

I was the typical girl next door; unfit, out of breath just climbing a few stairs, no energy and little exercise. As a mother, I’ve had a succession of uninspiring jobs just for an income, and felt directionless as a result.

Yoga found me at a time I needed it the most; almost by accident, just trying something out with a friend on a beach. Change is hard, and that is exactly what I needed in my life at that precise moment; it sparked an idea that it was something I could do to help myself. Fast forward to now; that seed grew into thinking about sharing yoga with others. Hundreds of hours of practice and three teacher training courses later, I have arrived at my dream job; a vocation that lets me be myself, for myself.

My greatest wish for every practice I share is that you enjoy yourself; your body, your breath, your movement, and your growing strength in body and mind. Yoga is a transformative gift that is personal to you; take from it what you need and enjoy the journey.



May 24, 2016