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Raman Devi


Raman journey through the yoga practice has been a steady progression throughout the years. Her passion started off in practicing Hot Yoga for a numerous year which led to practicing many other forms of Yoga methods and led her to her first Hatha teacher training in Rishikesh in 2014.

This is where her love for philosophy and Bhakti grew and being by the river Ganga and attending Arti and hearing the traditional prayers was a feeling that cannot be explained. This led Raman who is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher completed her training at the Govardhan Eco Village, Maharashtra in India with Sharon Gannon the co-founder of the Jivamukti Method.

It’s within these teachings of the scriptures that inspires Raman to keep the teachings alive in everyday life. The teachings are here to remind us that everything is within us not outside of us..



May 24, 2016