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Raman Devi


Coming from an Indian heritage some of the practices in this ancient discipline was already inherent within Raman. Particularly the devotional side of the practice, chanting and serving others in the community. This inner knowing led Raman to complete her first traditional Hatha Yoga training in India where these ancient practices had a profound effect on her not only on a physical level but also mentally and emotionally.

This encouraged her to further her studies by completing her Jivamukti Training at the Eco Village in Mumbai where the philosophy of simple living and higher thinking resonated with her. Through her own personal practice and studying and being able to study with great teachers such as Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari, Vijay Kumar and Matthew Sweeny has enabled her to further more develop and evolve within the practice but also how the ancient teachings are ever so needed in today’s modern world. Yoga is one complete package and it can’t be separated but as individuals we can see how the practice can influence how we view the world with a clear vision. Raman has spent many years in India studying at various institutes to deepen her knowledge but also using the time to be immersed within the culture and being inspired by this discipline.

A sincere interest in the Vedic scriptures has enabled Raman to continue her study on the Bhagavad Gita and dedicating her time in learning the essence of Bhakti Yoga and studying with Gary Carter on anatomy and movement and how through knowledge of anatomy can help teachers to make intelligent choices about the way they teach their students.

Raman’s approach within teaching is inspired with a sense of wonder and how the body is an instrument for us to reach our fullest potential by working through all those layers of habitual patterns we have built in our lifetime. Raman brings the ancient discipline and the teachings of the Vedic scriptures into each of her classes inspiring students to learn and discover how to be the best version of self on and off the mat.



May 24, 2016