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Maria Widdows

When Maria stepped into her first yoga class, over 20 years ago, she was mesmerised by the sound of the breath, by everyone moving in the same way at the same time. She knew then that she had found something that truly resonated.  

From her first class to now, the practice of yoga has helped her in many ways. Yoga brings space and balance to her life, helping to find a place of calmness and contentment – not something that comes easy with her busy brain. Listening to the body and moving in a way that feels right and intuitive brings a wonderful mind, body and breath connection that makes yoga so much more than just a physical practice for her. Hatha & Vinyasa trained yoga teacher, having qualified in 2020. Maria is  passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with others and loves  continuing  to learn.  Also accredited Menopause Yoga teacher, having been trained by Petra Coveney, and also Yin Yoga trained by Norman Blair. 

Maria  classes are friendly and welcoming, giving practitioners a safe space to explore the flowing movements of yoga, with an emphasis on the breath and alignment that feels right.



January 7, 2022