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Andrea Hassett

Andrea is recognised as a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Teacher; she has been teaching for 10 years and practicing for 20 years.

Andrea started her journey by training in Hot yoga as she was drawn to the elements of the physical practice. She taught hot yoga for many years and through this came to the realisation that there was much more to yoga then practising in a hot room. She decided to open her own yoga studio with the intention of bringing the physical practices and the true essence of what Yoga is to Birmingham by offering a diverse range of practices that are inclusive and accessible for all and that Yoga is for everyone .
Yoga Sweat has now been running for 8 years and through determination, dedication and a great team behind her, it has brought a warm sense of community in to the city centre.

Andrea has a lot to offer on the teacher training program and she brings her experience and love of yoga combined with her business acumen. You will learn the fundamentals of a balanced yoga practice, asana, pranayama, meditation and the science and philosophy that provides the framework for the practices.

Andrea is very much inspired by this quote and she believes that her passion has been driven by her love of yoga and if you love your passion then it doesn’t really feel like work!

“If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you’re already a success.” – Jack Canfield



January 6, 2022