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Anita Arnold


Hi, I’m Anita Arnold, and yoga for me means happiness, it brings me joy and focus. I love sharing yoga with others, guiding others to build their practice and encourage them to challenge their bodies, and their minds. I started teaching in 2003, when I embarked on the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training course. This for me, was a massive step and a leap of faith, as I lacked confidence and self worth. Yoga helped me, move through difficult times in my life and opened my eyes to a new path of being. It was not easy, yoga is challenging and I struggled just like everyone does when starting something new, but my yoga practice also gave me the strength, and the drive to keep going.

This is why I teach yoga, I want to assist others in moving through the challenges of life , expand perspective and build strength, emotionally as well as physically. I hope that I can help others to experience the magic that yoga brings.
My passion for helping others extends to all aspects of my work. I found energy healing because I wanted to work on my self development, let go of fears, blocks and self doubt. This brought me to discover Source Energy Healing, I have been a practitioner of other forms of energy healing for over 10 years, however, this very powerful healing is a great way for me to personally help people deal with greater issues on a much deeper level. I believe, it is important to teach and guide from what we ourselves have experienced.

I look forward to seeing you in class!



January 10, 2017