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Laura Allen

Laura is trained in Hatha Yoga. Her training also covers other forms of yoga practice such as mudras, pranayama and meditation. Laura enjoys Hatha Yoga because it is a strong and steady practice which incorporates an awareness of breath, body and mind whilst including a bit of meditation.  

Laura’s aim as a teacher is to help guide people through a safe yoga sequence which will work on controlled movements to improve strength and flexibility. Laura also offers hands on alterations during a class should anyone wish for this.  

As an actor Laura has found that a regular Yoga practice has kept her feeling grounded in a fundamentally ‘up in the air’ profession. Laura is a strong believer that yoga strengthens the mind as well as the body due to the focus required needed for certain postures. However, a yoga practice doesn’t have to be advanced or difficult in order to reap the mental and physical benefits. 

Laura practices Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti, Yin Yoga and has also completed a beginners Pilates course. She is also a regular boulderer and loves being outdoors among nature. In between acting jobs Laura works at a residential Home for the elderly and enjoys singing for the residents.  

Laura firmly believes that Yoga is accessible for anyone who is willing to practice and that the physical benefits of Yoga are only one aspect of many that you will experience. 



January 7, 2022