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Tina Roepcke

I am Tina and a certified RYT 200hrs Ashtanga & Vinyasa Teacher in Birmingham – I was born in Germany and moved to the UK 10 years ago. My yoga journey began about 9 years ago when the daily pressure and demands of working and studying at the same time left me feeling rather stressed and overwhelmed. That’s when I found Yoga at just the right time. I began to feel more at peace and felt mentally and physically stronger. I am also certified in Advanced Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage which has lead me on a deeper journey in understanding how different and beautiful all our bodies are.

Through the teachings of yoga and massage philosophy, I have also found a deeper connection to our Earth. Practising a holistic and eco-conscious lifestyle is helping me to stay grounded and support my mental wellbeing whilst helping others feel the same through the practice of yoga and massage.

In my classes I pay a lot of attention in making my students feel strong, flexible and relaxed, as well as promoting awareness of the connection of the physical and mental body.



January 6, 2022